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Designer: Jeff Jones (925-415-5260)
Service & Repair: Nikki Rosenberg (925-415-9279)
Scheduling: Steven Waide (925-415-5252)


Accounting: Sue Bowen (925-415-5243)
Superintendent: Mike Baker 
Owner & Sales: John Rose (925-415-5237)


Our Philosophy

Hawkins’ philosophy is predicated on our firmly held belief that a successful project requires two main components, a great builder executing a great design. One without the other will result in a less than satisfactory.


Hawkins Pools establishes itself as the East Bay leader in quality swimming pool design and construction for over 35 years. It is known for its innovative and challenging swimming pool design, remodels as well as complete yard restorations.

Design Gallery

Building a great swimming pool and other projects starts with a great design. Browse through our swimming pool projects to see the results of our work which are based on quality design.



“We saw what our pool was going to look like in full drawing and architectural plans and that was a big selling point for us”Diamond Cert Blue back