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Quality swimming pool design and construction

As an experienced swimming pool design contractor, Hawkins’ philosophy in swimming pool design and construction is predicated on our firmly held belief that a successful project requires two main components, a great builder executing a great swimming pool design. One without the other will result in a less than satisfactory result and a result that the client will be reminded of every day when they come home which given the size of the investment, is not acceptable. We are therefore uniquely dedicated to ensuring that our clients have access to who we feel is the most experienced and talented swimming pool designer in the industry reflecting our commitment to both quality and swimming pool design.


By going through a thoughtful and thorough design phase as the first step, our projects result in the outcome our clients are looking for with the fewest amount of “surprises” along the way. This quality swimming pool design philosophy has served us well and kept us around for over 35 years existing mainly on our reputation as a quality swimming pool designer / contractor and word of mouth.


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Building a great swimming pool and other projects starts with a great design. Browse through our swimming pool projects to see the results of our work which are based on quality design.


For over 35 years, we establish ourselves as the leader in imaginative swimming pool designer and  contractor. Hawkins Enterprises, known for its innovative and challenging swimming pool designs, also specializes in swimming pool remodels and complete yard restorations.


“We saw what our swimming pool design was going to look like in full drawing and architectural plans and that was a big selling point for us”Diamond Cert Blue back