Swimming Pool Remodel

Swimming pool remodel can turn your existing swimming pool and backyard into a dream swimming pool and spa oasis. Remodeling swimming pools, spas and backyards requires an experience, reputable, reliable and innovative swimming pool remodeling contractor.

Hawkins Pools in San Ramon specializes in comprehensive swimming pool and yard remodeling including, but limited to:

  • Complete swimming pool remodel, design and construction
  • Spa addition design and construction
  • Water features construction
  • Changing configurations
  • Integration of full range of outdoor features
  • New equipment
  • Landscape and swimming pool lighting
  • Grottos, slides, and other water features

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swimming pool remodel san ramon
“Our Hawkin’s built pool always engenders “wow’s” from any visitor. Its design, construction, placement (with the mountains behind it it) creates a breathtaking and dramatic experience. We are so happy we had Hawkin’s handle design, construction and continued maintenance. Bravo to our swimming pool contractor!!”
Frank, Blackhawk, CA

Design Gallery

Building a great swimming pool and other projects starts with a great design. Browse through our swimming pool projects to see the results of our work which are based on quality design.


For over 35 years, we establish ourselves as the leader in imaginative swimming pool designer and  contractor. Hawkins Enterprises, known for its innovative and challenging swimming pool designs, also specializes in swimming pool remodels and complete yard restorations.


"We saw what our swimming pool design was going to look like in full drawing and architectural plans and that was a big selling point for us"